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General Practitioner

Dr. Gienie Olivier

At Dr Gienie Olivier we offer gentle dentistry at affordable rates without compromising on quality.  We strive, not just to suit our patients physical, emotional and dental needs, but also their pockets.  With our dynamic dental team’s friendly and gentle approach, we are able to see a wide variety of patients: from the toddler to the teen, and all the way to the elderly. 

We have all the needs in place to successfully treat the most anxious of patients – both adults and children alike – by creating a calming atmosphere and making use of additional tools such as Nitrous Oxide Sedation within our practice.

Our entire team will ensure that your dental experience is as Gentle, Painless and Stress free as possible. We would love to make our community one with bright smiles all around.   We are able to help most medical aids and if not on our system, we will go out of our way to have them added.


Dr. Gienie Olivier offers a wide range of dental services aimed at restoring your teeth so that they are fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. We would like all our patients to keep their natural teeth throughout their life and emphasise the importance of prevention, maintenance and dental care.

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Address: 23 Swart Street, Hartswater,
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As you enter Hartswater in DF Malan Road and pass the Nursery, we are situated on the left-hand side of the road in the building with the blue roof.

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